There is Nothing You Cannot Do

To our children- you are stronger than you know. Let us join together to empower those who suffer in silence and bring hope to those in needless pain.


You Are Irreplaceable

It is our job to remove the stigma attached with depression and anxiety through education and awareness, so that our children can grow to fulfill their unique potential and live wholly with a supportive network of friends and family.


How We Can Help

By expanding our knowledge of mental illness, we are taking steps towards destigmatizing it. What we know about mental illness is that we have a lot more to learn. These facts about mental illness and children can serve as a starting point for discussion.


Art Speaks Where Words Cannot

Mary’s artwork took on a magnificent, immortal life of its own. Her art empowered her expression, and served as a great source of therapy throughout her life. Mary’s creations live on as an extension of her unbreakable spirit.


The Mission

Helping children and adolescents who suffer from anxiety and depression through education and awareness to remove any stigma associated with how they feel. Our children, despite any of these issues, can live complete and happy lives which is all we want as parents.

Mary's story

Upcoming Events

In addition to hosting their own events, The Mary Elise Millus Foundation is proud to stand with other organizations who host events promoting the support and awareness of young adult mental health.

Blog & Articles

Here we share our thoughts on the problems we and our children face in the belief that we can give them hope and the strength to endure.

Mary’s Art

In her short but blessed time with us, Mary was able to create beauty despite her pain.  We share her works with everyone and hope you are inspired.


Contact Us

We all need to spread the word that we can make a difference in our children’s lives if we agree to help them at the earliest possible moment so their fears and worries do not overcome them.  Please share your thoughts, because we are all in this together and through unity of purpose there is strength.