Why Is It That Psychologists, Pediatricians/Primary Care Physicians and Psychiatrists Do Not Coordinate Their Care?

  • November 21, 2017

Attached in Bulletin authored by Evan Malater, LCSW, Senior Clinical Quality Specialist for MHN, the behavioral health subsidiary of Health Net, Inc entitled Coordination of Care: An Overview Based on a Review of Clinical Complaints and Potential Quality Indicators. I have found in my own experience an utter lack of coordination.

It seems to be common sense that the therapist and prescribing psychiatrist share notes. Added into the mix should be the child’s/young adult’s Primary Care Physician.  The coordination should be the same we find when a child has cancer.  Then we see the level of coordination between a variety of physicians all tasked with healing the patient.  How can a psychiatrist truly know the effects of the medication he/she is prescribing by simply relying on the patient who suffers from a mental health condition whose judgement (and even veracity) may not be reliable? Assuming the therapist has gained the trust of the patient, that therapist can prove to be an invaluable resource for the prescribing doctor in determining the efficacies of his prescription.  Collaboration between general practice and mental health care has been recognized as necessary to provide good quality healthcare services to people with mental health problems. Several studies indicate that collaboration often is poor, with the result that patient’s needs for coordinated services are not sufficiently met, and that resources are inefficiently used.

So impress on your child’s medical care professionals that you want coordination, and their input on the care being provided to your child.  More on this topic will follow soon.

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